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Purple Cow Cafe

Bob and Michelle (co-owners) live in Venetian Bay and are honored to serve high quality products in a retro themed setting  Indoor seating consists of 50's style booths and art deco countertops with swivel stools. All of our artwork is done by local artists!  Outdoor seating has the view of a park-like setting.  Our goal is for our customers to walk in and be glad they chose to visit us at the Purple Cow Cafe!!

Açaí Bowl

The acai blend consists of acai berries, banana, pumpkin seed milk and blueberries then 3 different variations. 


The Portofino has peanut butter layered on the inside of the  

bowl, topped with blueberries and banana. 


The Savona has strawberries in the blend, topped with 

strawberries, blueberries, banana and coconut.

The Venetian has kale and ginger in the blend, topped with 

blueberries, banana and lime.

Acai bowl

Cold Brew Coffee

Try it with our homemade sweet cream 

Fresh Baked Cookies

Chocolate chip and seasonal flavors


Hershey's Hand Dipped Ice Cream

Try our sundae featuring homemade whipped cream

Image by Martin Zangerl

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better"

Albert Einstein

Hours of Operation
Tuesday-Thursday 3:00-8:30PM
Friday- 3:00-9:30PM
Saturday - 2:00-9:30PM
Sunday 2:00-8:30PM
Closed Monday

424 Luna Bella Lane, Suite 123
New Smyrna Beach (NSB), FL 32168

Phone: 386-410-2018

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